Monday, January 24, 2011

Update...It's been a while....

While I was sitting down watching Jeopardy and waiting for the Finale of The Next Great Baker to come on, I realized "this would be a good time to send out a nice little update". So, here I am.

I've been updating my website all day and now have a Hairbow Album under the Product Gallery. I have yet to update all the detail information about the bows but that can all be found on my facebook group for the time being. Wow, I have a lot of links in there.

I took part in a craft fair this past November and it was a success. My hairbows were a hit and am now making and selling them from home and I have a few over to the local Craft Store Lisa's Craft Expressions.

Here are a few pictures of some bows that I have done.

Christmas Trees - The stars are made of polymer clay

Mini Bow Clips

Stacked Ladybug Bow - The ladybug is made out of polymer clay and is hand painted

Valentine's Day Bows

I will be having a little contest on facebook in the next week to win a pair of these hair bows. I'm pretty excited to see who wins.

Right now I am organizing all my ribbons. (didn't realize I had so many, shhh, don't tell my And will be working on some spring bows in the upcoming weeks.

I have a few Valentine's cards to complete, so I better get to it. Hope you all like my new products.


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